2023 work so far

These are the things I've built since going solo at the start of February 2023. I'll be adding to it with every new launch throughout the year.

  • Shipshape (Sep '23)

    Beautiful, blazing-fast Vercel deployment dashboards.


  • Digest Diff (May '23)

    Let a codebase's commit history tell you its story using the power of Artificial Intelligence.


  • LaunchLoop (April '23)

    Zero-config, AI-infused holding pages for makers serious about launching.


  • Fit IQ (March '23)

    Gain insight into your long-term health, fitness, sleep and recovery trends with the ultimate WHOOP® data analysis and visualisation tool.


  • Feedback Rocket (February '23)

    Start collecting website visitor feedback with a single line of code.